Self-Propelled Micro/Nano Motors


Micro/nanomotors (MNMs) have emerged as active micro/nano-platforms that can move and perform functions at small scales. In the nearly two decades since their introduction, MNMs have demonstrated their exciting potential as autonomous and intelligent micro/nano-tools for drug delivery, micro-surgery, bio-sensing, pollutant degradation and many other applications. Our research group is focusing on the design, fabrication and biomedical applications of MNMs. For instance, we demonstrated a light powered micro/nano-motor (MNM) that can serve as active SERS probes. Meanwhile, based on biological enzyme with high biocompatibility and catalytical activity, we have presented several types of enzyme powered motors for drug delivery or PDT applications. In the future, we will explore more kinds of MNMs that can seve as micro/nano platforms with self-propulsion ability and accurate controllability for biosensing, bioimaging, and drug delivery in biomedicine.