Intelligent Biochemical Sensing


Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) is a powerful optical sensing technique that can detect analytes of extremely low concentrations. we present a light powered micro/nano-motor (MNM) that can serve as active SERS probes. The “match-like” AgNW@SiO2 core-shell structure of the nano-motors works as SERS probes based on the shell-isolated enhanced Raman mechanism. The phototactic behavior was utilized to achieve enrichment of the nano-motor-based SERS probes for on-demand biochemical sensing. And we present an active hybrid microcapsule motor based on Janus hollow mesoporous silica microparticles powered by the biocatalytic decomposition of urea at physiological concentrations. we control the velocity of the micromotor by chemically inhibiting and reactivating the enzymatic activity of urease. The incorporation of magnetic material within the Janus structure provides remote magnetic control on the movement direction